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Friday, January 27, 2023

Synamon Launches a Platform for Metaverse That Can also Utilize NFT

Synamon Inc., a company focused on the metaverse industry, has released a comprehensive Metaverse platform that can handle a broad range of use cases, including NFT applications. It uses Metaverse to support corporate promotional operations by offering a virtual place that can be accessed from a variety of devices, including smartphones, and that can be used in a variety of ways depending on the number of people and usage.

In the beginning, the firm plans to work with the NFT marketplace to provide a function that allows users to view NFT-converted photographs and avatars. It plans to establish a mechanism in the future that adds to the community’s ongoing renewal, such as the capacity to create a room that only particular NFT holders can access.

Furthermore, on a single platform, three separate spaces designed for each use case can be used together. The first space is appropriate for event settings where up to 100 individuals can connect at the same time using a smartphone or PC. A second space is perfect for showrooms and shows that can accommodate up to 30 people at once. A third room where up to ten individuals can use a VR HMD to access and enjoy a rich experience such as shopping.

Additionally, the platform is adaptable to a variety of devices, including smartphones, computers, and virtual reality headsets, allowing individuals to use it according to the objective of each use case and the characteristics of participants. It is possible to deliver a high-quality experience in terms of aesthetics and UX by making it app-based rather than browser-based.

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