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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

MetaMask Introduces Apple Pay Integration and Other iOS Updates

MetaMask, which is owned by ConsenSys, confirmed a series of updates for iPhone and Apple Pay users. The key feature is the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card directly from the mobile app, removing the need to transfer Ethereum (ETH) from a centralized exchange like Coinbase.

MetaMask supports debit and credit card transactions through two payment gateways: Wyre and Transak. Thanks to the Wyre API, users can now utilize their Visa and Mastercard stored in Apple Pay to purchase ETH and put a daily maximum of $400 into their wallets. Gas fees are supposedly cheaper, and some payments may even be gasless if done on a private blockchain or if a project pays for the gas on the user’s behalf, according to MetaMask’s tweets. MetaMask informs that company does not profit from gas fees while making an ETH purchase.

MetaMask’s official Twitter account has confirmed the launch of a series of updates for iPhone and Apple Pay users. The company wrote purchase crypto on iOS with Apple Pay. The company has tweeted that purchasing crypto on iOS just became a whole lot easier. In addition to debit card support, MetaMask Mobile now has Visa and MasterCard credit card (Apple Pay) support thanks to Wyre.

In addition to this, the company has also introduced the most requested dark mode feature. Dark mode will automatically enable if the user OS has dark mode enabled system-wide. Furthermore, MetaMask users have been able to purchase the Stablecoin USDT, USDC, and DAI on the Ethereum mainnet using Transak. Users can now purchase crypto using over 60 foreign currencies utilizing bank transfers and credit/debit cards, thanks to the most recent upgrade.

According to the company, customers in the United States can now purchase Fantom and Avalanche native tokens. The specific payment methods and fees vary by area. MetaMask also tweeted about another “critical” security upgrade. Unlike sending ETH to a recipient address, tokens are delivered to a contract address with instructions to send a certain number of tokens to the destination address. Users may now “clearly see” which contract is requesting authorization, as well as label and store it.

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