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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

DXC (NYSE: DXC) Receives Four-Year Contract from PreZero Group

DXC Technology Company (NYSE: DXC) has received a four-year contract from PreZero Group. PreZero Group has earned recognition as a leading Spanish environmental services provider, which is part of Schwarz Group and Europe’s largest retailer. DXC will assist PreZero in transforming its IT infrastructure, allowing it to offer novel trash recycling solutions for over 15 million people in Spain and Portugal.

PreZero is the waste and recycling management specialist for the Schwarz Group, which owns Lidl, one of Europe’s largest grocery chains. PreZero has a proven track record of transforming trash into new products. It has a successful history of contributing to the circular economy, by utilizing several environmental advances. PreZero, for example, is a pioneer in the use of black soldier fly larvae to convert food waste into high-protein animal feed.

As per the contract, DXC will collaborate with PreZero to develop an advanced digital platform that will speed the development of ground-breaking and sustainable waste recycling methods. It will assist them in their mission to protect the environment and build a sustainable value chain through the use of an efficient, digitized, circular economy recycling system.

Furthermore, PreZero will seek DXC’s assistance in modernizing and reconfiguring the legacy IT estate it inherited when it purchased Ferrovial’s environmental business in Spain and Portugal. PreZero will benefit from greater business continuity, less risk, and increased flexibility to support its growth by transferring its operations to the cloud and implementing the latest automated and security technologies.

DXC Technology noted that this new deal will grow on its ten-year partnership with Ferrovial Services’ predecessor, PreZero Spain (Cespa). It has a thorough awareness of the challenges that come with merging two organizations’ IT infrastructures, and it will collaborate closely with PreZero to create a new, contemporary IT foundation that will support its strong business and environmental objectives.

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