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Friday, March 31, 2023

National Instruments (NASDAQ: NATI) to Open Engineering Innovation Centre in Bangalore

National Instruments Corporation (NASDAQ: NATI) has confirmed its decision to launch an Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC) in Bangalore. The EIC gives customers access to the larger aerospace and defense industry through contact with NI test professionals that are expanding in India, notably in and around Bangalore, resulting in a more cost- and time-effective planning process.

The new engineering lab gives test engineers an unrivaled opportunity to design and experiment with prototypes while utilizing NI’s more than 30 years of experience in this field. Customers may now view their systems in operation and get a taste of the projects they’ll be working on before committing to a purchase.

The engineering lab debuted in late 2021, provides support to NI’s clients, partners, and startup firms that service the local aerospace and military sector. The EIC will also be utilized to educate the next generation of engineers in the aerospace and military industries who require system knowledge.

National Instruments Corporation is committed to fostering innovation and establishing a network that will enable engineers to produce technologically superior solutions at a faster rate. The EIC is aimed to assist its consumers, entrepreneurs, and innovators in India in cocreating for the country and leveraging the cutting-edge solutions that emerge from this lab to benefit the rest of the world.

Furthermore, in the Bangalore area, NI is assisting companies in streamlining their testing procedures so that they can bring goods to market safer, faster, and more efficiently. NI is helping the local SME/MSME community to participate more in designing and developing modernized, future-ready systems by establishing test strategies through collaboration with NI test experts.

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