FTI (NYSE: FCN) Announces Partnership with Reveal


FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) disclosed that it has joined forces with Reveal. As per their partnership, Reveal which is the global provider of the leading AI-powered e-discovery platform will be added to the bench of software partners of FTI’s Technology segment. The collaboration is anticipated to expand a current relationship between FTI Technology and Brainspace which is a prominent analytics platform that was purchased by Reveal in 2020.

FTI Technology’s early case evaluation, AI, and sophisticated analytics capabilities will be strengthened as a result of the collaboration. It will allow quick access to information in support of lawsuits, inspections, adherence, antitrust, data privacy, and other topics. Reveal’s powerful AI and analytics capabilities will only strengthen its rich analytics tech stack, giving its team a broad range of advanced skills to construct discovery workflows that can withstand today’s and tomorrow’s data difficulties.

Furthermore, FTI Technology offers a variety of industry-leading and customized analytics and e-discovery solutions across a variety of software platforms for early case evaluations, document analysis, processing, Story Development, data subject access requests, and other use cases.  By using key features inside Reveal, FTI Technology’s experienced team can lower the cost of research and expedite case strategy creation.

Additionally, FTI Technology specializes in data-related business difficulties and has legal and regulatory experience. FTI Technology helps organizations better control, safeguard, find, analyze, and quickly make sense of data as it develops in size and complexity. Global clients receive defensible and repeatable solutions because of innovative technology, professional services, and relentless problem-solving.

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