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Friday, January 27, 2023

VMware (NYSE: VMW) Introduce Products and Partnerships at Mobile World Congress 2022

VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VWM) has revealed products and collaborations at Mobile World Congress 2022 that will support service providers more quickly revolutionize their networks and leverage new services. This includes advancement in the areas of modern apps, the RAN, and the edge.

Many service providers are using VMware Telco Cloud Platform as the common standard to update their networks to leverage virtual and cloud-native network functions. It enables them to expand their activities to new heights. Such as Millicom has joined forces with VMware to merge siloed networks and commence the transition to virtualized and containerized network functions.

Furthermore, VMware is also collaborating with Telco Cloud Platform to make testing and certification of third-party solutions easier. Dell, Oracle, and VMware, for example, have developed a verified design that lays out a roadmap for constructing a reliable, flexible 5G core on industry-standard infrastructure. Moreover, by lowering the time, it takes to develop, verify, and connect components from many vendors, the solution helps speed up network deployments.

In addition to this, VMware collaborates with many RAN manufacturers to test and confirm their products’ interoperability with VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN. This is done so that service providers are not required to do so. Instead, they can simply use a platform that is created and optimized for the RAN to operate and handle RAN functions from a range of suppliers. VMware also confirmed that with HCL which is a VMware partner since 2008, it has decided to grow its partnership to offer combined solutions for service providers around the world.

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