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Friday, January 27, 2023

Airspan (AMEX: MIMO) Announces Partnership with Cisco

Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (AMEX: MIMO) confirmed that its unit Airspan Networks Inc has joined forces with Cisco. Airspan has been recognized as one of the first 5G and Open RAN partners to take part in the Cisco Private 5G program. The program aims to introduce advanced 5G Private Network solutions for enterprise customers.

Airspan believed that the development of unique tailored 5G private network solutions for the business market is a huge opportunity to leverage the various benefits of 5G technology. Airspan is thrilled to be one of the first Open RAN partners to join Cisco’s Private 5G solution, and to provide its advanced 5G RAN solutions, which include equipment and software designed for a variety of enterprise use cases.

Furthermore, the purpose of the Cisco Private 5G program is to expedite 5G implementation in Private Networks use cases, with an emphasis on Industry 4.0 applications that require high-speed, low-latency, safe, and high-availability connectivity between machines to boost automation and efficiency.

Additionally, Cisco’s industry-leading mobile core network technology and IoT portfolio serve as the solution’s basis. Its networks technology includes IoT sensors and gateways, device management software, monitoring tools, and dashboards. It’s built with Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) software and hardware in mind. Airspan was one of the first partners to be qualified and incorporated into the system, and Cisco worked closely with them.

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