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Friday, January 27, 2023

Quanergy (NYSE: QNGY) Partnered with Digital Mortar to Disrupt the Retail Flow Management Market

Quanergy Systems, Inc. (NYSE: QNGY) revealed that Digital Mortar has chosen the Quanergy Smart LiDAR portfolio to offer a wide range of advanced flow management solutions for retail applications. These solutions are also applicable to stadiums, casinos, public transit centers, conventions, events, and even museum spaces.

Customers and guest experiences may be captured in detail using Quanergy and Digital Mortar. For example, you can enable retail stores to record every facet of display performance, while machine learning-based queue tracking detects groups and non-buyers, providing an accurate customer tally and time at each stage of the checkout process.

This is a proud moment for the company that Digital Mortar has selected Quanergy’s Flow Management platform to disrupt the retail market. The company combined solution offers powerful understandings about the experience of the buyers and provides unparalleled precision, at a much lower total cost of ownership compared to cameras, while offering zero PII risk.

Furthermore, Digital Mortar has created the DM1 platform, which fully utilizes the 3D capabilities of Quanergy’s M-Series sensors and Qortex DTCTM perception software to monitor, recognize, and categorize hundreds of individuals in packed locations under any lighting circumstances while maintaining anonymity.

Digital Mortar commented that Quanergy 3D LiDAR has quickly become a major tool in retail people monitoring and public spaces for crowd-management. LiDAR as a people-measurement technique is gaining grip at a fast pace. LiDAR’s environmental versatility, coverage superiority over traditional cameras, and privacy adherence are driving use. In 2022, Quanergy LiDAR products are expected to account for 30-40% of all sensors installed.

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