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Autoliv (NYSE: ALV) Exterior Airbag Featured in Nuro’s Autonomous Vehicle

Autoliv, Inc. (NYSE: ALV) disclosed that its exterior airbag which is supposed to cover the front of the vehicle when inflated to protect other road users has been added in the autonomous vehicle of Nuro. The company has confirmed its partnership with Nuro. The partnerships aim to guarantee a high safety standard for Nuro’s new third-generation, production-grade autonomous delivery vehicle.

The autonomous vehicle which includes an exterior airbag by Autoliv is the most sophisticated zero-occupant vehicle designed by Nuro to date. The third-generation vehicle, simply called Nuro, would be expected to provide its safe, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use services to millions of people.

Furthermore, Autoliv is establishing itself as a world leader in the broader mobility safety domain, outside the light vehicle safety market, with airbags for autonomous vehicles, focused on vulnerable road users such as walkers, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Every year more than half of the world’s traffic deaths are caused by these road users.

In addition, Autoliv claimed that it aspires to change from a leading company to a true industry reformer in the next years, not only by dominating but also by defining industry trends. It is an honor to be a part of Nuro’s innovative new vehicle. The airbag technology created for Nuro’s self-driving delivery vehicles exemplifies a new era in traffic safety, meant to safeguard vulnerable in society.

This collaboration with Nuro is of great importance for Autoliv as Nuro made history by becoming the first company to receive authorization for a self-driving vehicle exception by the U.S. Department of Transportation. This represents an important milestone for the industry. It also becomes the first company to get implementation permission from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. This permit will allow the company to start the first commercial autonomous vehicle service in the state.

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