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Thursday, March 23, 2023

ADS-TEC (NASDAQ: ADSE) Deploy its EV Charging Stations in front of Energie Steiermark Headquarter

ADS-TEC Energy PLC (NASDAQ: ADSE) disclosed that Energie Steiermark which has earned a reputation as one of the largest energy companies in Austria has installed ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations from ADS-TEC Energy. Energie Steiermark has deployed two ultra-fast charging points directly in front of the main entrance of its business headquarters in Graz, Austria.

It has been disclosed that customers, tourists, and staff’s electric vehicles can be charged up to 320 kilowatts in minutes using the ADS-TEC Energy system. The implementation was inexpensive, did not necessitate obtaining permissions or clearances, and made use of existing electrical grids. Previously, the two green, futuristic-styled charging columns that were put in front of the Energie Steiermark offices in May proved immensely popular with customers, visitors, and staff, who utilize the service to charge their vehicles even after short meetings or visits.

Furthermore, Energie Steiermark is currently identifying additional locations in the region for installing ultra-fast charging stations, a process that is easier and less expensive than other options because it does not require investment in power grid development and can be established and implemented in a matter of days without the need for time-consuming medium-voltage systems and transformer stations.

ADS-TEC Energy believed that Energie Steiermark is one of Europe’s e-mobility pioneers. With the deployment of its ultra-fast charging station right in front of the company headquarters, the firm has already set a good example that has sparked a lot of interest in the industry in Europe and the United States. ADSE is excited to collaborate with Energie Steiermark to help the region maintain its leadership in climate protection and e-mobility.

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