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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Concept Art House Join Hands with Nemus to Create NFT Rights to Protect Amazon Rainforest

Concept Art House (CAH) disclosed that it has joined hands with Nemus, a collectible NFT experience designed to sustain and protect the Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Rainforest. Concept Art House has earned a reputation as a prominent content developer and publisher for some of the world’s most reputable NFTs, brands, and video game art.

Nemus believed that Concept Art House is much more than an artistic collaborator. Nemus has confidence that they are well rooted in the Web3 ecosystem through past high-level enterprises and see the value of gamification in NFTs and how it can foster a thriving community for a better good.

Furthermore, as per the partnership, CAH will create fresh artwork for all non-legendary features for the Nemus Genesis Drop. This beautiful, hand-painted artwork will depict distinct flora and wildlife. It will portray the real biodiversity of the area, stimulating continuing activity, involvement, and gamification in the rainforest’s conservation and preservation.

In addition, Nemus welcomes whatever CAH will bring to the table and is certain that their relationship will be long-lasting and expand to future projects. Moreover, Nemus’s CEO disclosed that to partake in the Nemus DAO, which will go live in Q4 2022, you must purchase or possess a Nemus NFT. The NFT is used to earn the native NEA token, which is used to unlock continuous gaming incentives and stimulate sustainable activity on the land. It is not a stake to the true ownership of the protected and at-risk land.

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