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Color Star (NASDAQ: CSCW) Launch its Entertainment Metaverse Product “Color Star”

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) has officially unveiled its entertainment metaverse product “Color Star”. The new metaverse product of the company is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The launch of the metaverse product’s initial version is now available to users worldwide and it is only possible after thorough testing and fine-tuning.

Color World’s launch also signals to users throughout the world that they can expect to see a lot more of Color Star’s technology entertainment items in the future. NFTs, VR compatibility, and AI technology could all be included in future Color World updates. The company disclosed that to access these improvements, users will just need to update the app in their respective app stores.

Furthermore, the metaverse in this version is set in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and CSCW intends to introduce virtual models of many more cities in the future. Social features, shopping, celebrity master classes, and other features are included in this initial launch. For the time being, these features are available to all users for free. Users can choose an in-game avatar to represent them in the metaverse after downloading and registering.

In addition, Color World’s social features allow users to meet and speak with other users from all around the world, purchase any things they want in the metaverse’s shops and attend masterclasses from celebrity singers, artists, and sports in the virtual schools. The present version of Color World is a fairly primitive build, and CSCW thinks there is still room for improvement.

Moreover, Color Star Technology hopes that after a user had a chance to explore its metaverse, users will be able to provide it with helpful comments. Color World’s user experience, its hope, will be refined over time as new features are added.

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