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SAP (NYSE: SAP) Intent to Acquire Taulia

SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) disclosed that it is planning to purchase a majority stake in Taulia which is a prominent provider of working capital management solutions. Through this acquisition, the company seeks to offer companies better access to liquidity and enhance their cash flows. The acquisition further grows the Business Network of SAP and also reinforces SAP’s solutions for the CFO office.

Taulia has earned recognition for its cutting-edge technology and one of the most comprehensive platform and solution portfolios in the working capital management industry. J.P. Morgan, UniCredit, and other well-known institutions have joined the company’s network of financial partners, which supply the necessary funding.

Furthermore, supply chain financing, dynamic discounting, and accounts receivable finance are all options available through Taulia. Demand for early payment has risen dramatically as a result of difficult economic conditions and supply chain interruptions, and the market for working capital management has seen tremendous development.

In addition, SAP believed that Taulia’s acquisition would bolster SAP’s portfolio and bring value to a critical aspect of every business: financial flexibility and stability. As a result, they help supply chains become more resilient. Taulia is well suited to become a pioneer in working capital management by integrating its strong working capital management experience with SAP’s extensive CFO solution range and integration with its core business software and Business Network solutions.

Moreover, these capabilities will be available at scale to assist firms in improving their financial condition and seizing growth possibilities. Taulia has been a key SAP partner with a track record of successful SAP integration. Airbus, Nissan, and AstraZeneca are among the joint customers, with SAP ERP systems being used by more than 80% of their customer base. SAP will reinforce its ties with Taulia, both for the SAP Business Network and the CFO solution suite, to make Taulia the backbone of SAP’s working capital management portfolio.

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