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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Horizon Therapeutics (NASDAQ: HZNP) Announces Scholarships for Needy Students

Horizon Therapeutics Public Limited Company (NASDAQ: HZNP) disclosed that it has decided to offer academic help to poor students. The company has started a $140,000 scholarships to help poor students from Trinity College Dublin and Waterford Institute of Technology to cover their non-tuition expenses.

The scholarships will help 12 students from Trinity College Dublin who are learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related programs and two students in the health sciences and accounting programs at the Waterford Institute of Technology with funding disseminated in collaboration with The Ireland Funds.

Furthermore, the Horizon Scholars program was commenced in 2019 to help talented, poor students by offering full scholarships or covering the gap between a student’s financial aid and their personal ability to pay for higher education. The Scholars are selected by partner academic institutions, designated a Horizon employee mentor, given the ability to access three-month programming, and likely to become interns and get a job at the company.

In addition, Horizon disclosed that through its Horizon Scholars program it is striving to continue to remove obstacles for talented and promising future STEM leaders so they can reach their full potential. It also offers students guidance from its employees and real-world experience through possible internship and post-graduate employment opportunities at Horizon.

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