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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

KBR (NYSE: KBR) Receive PLINKE Technologies Contract by Hanwha

KBR, Inc. (NYSE: KBR) disclosed that it has received an agreement for its PLINKESM nitric acid concentration and spent acid recycling technologies from Hanwha Solutions for its new production facilities at Yeosu, South Korea. KBR’s PLINKESM technologies have been provided to more than 500 technology references all around the globe for inorganic acid treatment, purification, and concentration since 1947.

PLINKESM technologies back many different industry segments. It includes chemicals and fine chemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences, metallurgical, petroleum refining, and other industries. KBR revealed that it is happy to get this award from Hanwha which will further enhance its valuable relationship.

Furthermore, this is the fourth Hanwha plant where its energy-efficient PLINKESM technologies will be employed due to their technological and environmental leadership qualities. KBR is delighted to work with its customers across the globe to offer technology, value-added services, and long-term operations and maintenance services to guarantee consistent delivery with predictable results.

Overview of Contract

As per the contract, KBR will offer a license, basic and detailed engineering design, technical services, and patented equipment to Hanwha for the production of 160,000 metric tons per year of concentrated nitric acid and treatment and recycling of 240,000 metric tons per year of spent sulfuric acid.

In addition, Nitric acid and its derivatives are processed for the manufacturing of various materials such as flexible polyurethane foams which help producers in the furniture, bedding, and automotive sectors to attain sustainability and energy conservation objectives or precision chemicals such as those used in the semiconductor industry.

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