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Friday, January 27, 2023

IBM (NYSE: IBM) to Automate 22 Wheat Silos across Egypt

International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE: IBM) disclosed that it has joined hands with its business partner ACME SAICO to automate 22 wheat silos across Egypt by the end of this year. The firm will leverage its AI-powered automation software to automate the wheat silos. This initiative of the Ministry of Supply and Trade is to build a vigorous system for efficient management of the wheat supply of the country.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade is a vital ministry concentrated on ensuring food security for Egypt. The automation of 22 wheat silos will advance the plan of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade to digitize the wheat supply chain and deploy governance systems on the strategic stock of the country.

Previously this year, the introduction of the pilot model for the first automated wheat silo happened in Banha, Qualyubia Governorate. After the successful pilot program, the Ministry has agreed to extend automation to 22 silos before the end of this year. Moreover, the government is striving to automate 400 silos adding them to the wheat supply chain monitoring system within the framework of the sustainable development strategy of Egypt’s vision for 2030.

Additionally, the project has been awarded to IBM and ACME SAICO by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade represented by the Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage (EHCSS). It has been disclosed that leveraging IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation and IBM Cloud Pak for Integration will make full automation and governance of all the steps of shipping, transport, storage, and supply of the wheat silos.

Furthermore, all silos will be controlled from the Ministry headquarters and the General Authority for Supply Commodities through IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson attached to the automation platform in use. The Ministry has renovated and expanded the silos in the country and is now striving to link all silos with the main center at the EHCSS.

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