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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Lyft [NASDAQ: LYFT] to Commence Shared Rides in the US for First Time Since Pandemic

Lyft, Inc. [NASDAQ: LYFT] disclosed Thursday that it has commenced the shared rides in the US for the first time since the pandemic has started. The passengers of Lyft will now be able to book their shared rides in the US market for the first time after the COVID-19 as the shared rides were stopped by the firm to combat the spread of novel coronavirus.

Lyft has revealed that the shared rides, enable multiple travelers to divide a car traveling in the same direction. The firm has also made it clear that the shared ride service will become available in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Denver as of Monday. The firm managed the shared rides in 18 markets. Now Lyft is intending to return the option to all those cities in the next few months.

Furthermore, Lyft also announced that it would follow a step-by-step approach in reinstating shared rides. The firm will consider the mix of driver supply and rider demand and local policy on pandemic-related restrictions. Additionally, the firm revealed that to combat the spread of coronavirus the order to wear a mask during the ride is still valid.

Lyft has also provided the opportunity for drivers to opt out of the ride-sharing option. Moreover, Shared rides would also be restricted to two commuters, with the middle and front seats remaining empty. The decision to resume the shared-ride service is to provide the riders better options since the country has started reopening.

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