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Friday, January 27, 2023

Tian Ruixiang (NASDAQ: TIR) Inks Insurance Brokerage Agreement

Tian Ruixiang Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: TIRX) disclosed that it has inked a Brokerage Services agreement for cooperation in Cancer Prevention Insurance. The firm disclosed that it has been commissioned by Zhongkang Yiyang (Beijing) Health Technology Co., Ltd to create and roll out the “Zhongkang Huimin Cancer Prevention Insurance”.

The “Zhongkang Huimin Cancer Prevention Insurance” will be funded by a large Chinese insurance firm. Under the terms of the agreement, Zhongkang is entitled to offer marketing, promotion, and other services for activities associating with the “China Cancer Prevention Public Welfare Project” planned by the China Anti-Aging Promotion Association.

Shares of Tian Ruixiang Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: TIRX) soared 1.21% as it gained +0.12 at $10.02 during the pre-market trading session of Wednesday. In the past 52-weeks of a trading session, the share of the firm fluctuated between the 52-week low range of $9.55 and a high range of $103.87. The share of the firm surged 3.66% from its 52-week low and plunged -90.47% from its 52-week high. The firm has a total market capitalization of $67.57 million at the time of writing.

The roll-out of the Zhongkang Huimin Cancer Prevention Insurance is one of the major projects under the “China Cancer Prevention Public Welfare Project”. Zhongkang Huimin Cancer Prevention Insurance” has gained recognition as a specialty health insurance product involving cancer prevention and treatment to be provided to locals in Mainland China.

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