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KE Holdings (NYSE: BEKE) Announces Passing of its Founder and Chairman

KE Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BEKE) disclosed Thursday that its founder and chairman has died. The founder and chairman of the board of directors of the firm, Mr. ZUO Hui, has lost his life due to the unpredicted deteriorating of health on May 20, 2021. Since the establishment of the firm, he was the greatest leader and served the firm with great interest.

The current position of KE Holdings is because of the strong determination and hard work of Mr. ZUO. He commanded the firm to accomplish his strong vision in constructing and introducing its Beike platform, founding the CAN. He also guided the firm to continuously investing in talents and technologies and boosting the evolution of the housing business and service industry.

All the workers and the directors of the firm are dismayed by the death of Mr. ZUO. They offered their sincere condolences to the Mr. ZUO’s family. The board of directors of the firm will make suitable arrangements for business management and related issues and make a statement at the appropriate time within two weeks.

The CEO and executive director of the firm stated that the firm is saddened because of the death of Mr. ZUO. He was a visionary creator and director, and a prominent figure in China‘s housing transactions and services industry.

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