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Friday, March 31, 2023

Tiziana (NASDAQ: TLSA) Announces Phase II Foralumab’s Study

Tiziana Life Sciences Plc (NASDAQ: TLSA) reported Tuesday that it is intending to commence Phase II study in Brazil for moderate-to-severe hospitalized COVID-19 sufferers to test Foralumab in a more adversely affected group of sufferers. Recently, the report of the study in mild to moderate COVID-19 sufferers demonstrated that nasally inoculated anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody decreased pulmonary and systemic infection and it was well-borne.

The firm has executed the study through its cooperation with scientific teams at the Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA), and INTRIALS. TLSA disclosed that the latest trials indicate that the pathological mechanism of pulmonary swelling in COVID-19 comprises an irregular host reaction or excessive reaction of the immune system in victims.

After considering the data of the latest trials, the firm has decided on a nasal treatment with Foralumab. Foralumab is also the only specific monoclonal antibody that can be administered through the nose or by mouth because of its potential to affect systemic immunity through the epithelial lining of the nose, the respiratory system, and gut.

The study will further demonstrate the safety and potency of Foralumab. It has been disclosed that the novel coronavirus entered through the nasal and respiratory path. So, the inoculation of Foralumab through the nose will be effective in the reduction of the disease progression. It has been disclosed that these types of human studies are crucial to authenticate the successful experiments the firms have carried out in animal simulations of several inflammatory disorders.

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