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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Aurora Mobile (NASDAQ: JG) Announces Partnership with Zuoyebang Education

Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) has made an announcement on Thursday that it has signed a deal with Zuoyebang Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. After this deal, Aurora Mobile will accelerate digital modernization and smart operation analysis capabilities to add to operational knowledge and experience of Zuoyebang utilizing the strengths of both firms.

Furthermore, both the firms have also disclosed that they have decided to mutually encourage the quality advancement of the online education sector to make high-quality education more readily available to students in China through this collaboration.

The APP of Zuoyebang has been enabled on more than 800 million registered customer devices, which provides an approximate that for every ten children in China, seven have downloaded and used the APP. Zuoyebang has 170 million regular active clients and over 50 million daily active users.

Zuoyebang has continued to offer live streaming programs to over 65 million students as of 2020. Zuoyebang make use of its patented big data technology to assist students to recognize the right answers to tough questions and bolster their weak areas.

Aurora Mobile will offer its AI-powered and ML-centered ready-to-use analytics services to assist Zuoyebang to optimize its intelligent operation abilities and improve its operational efficiency. Both the firms have demonstrated complete confidence in the achievement of the partnership and will work together to explore additional opportunities in the online education sector.

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