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Friday, January 27, 2023

Western Union (NYSE: WU) Announces Expansion Of Global B2B Payments Platform

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) revealed that it has decided to broaden its payment capabilities globally. The firm aimed to offer more sophisticated and more distinct payment services to its business clients. The US-based credit services firm has boosted its international currency alternatives within its WU Mass Payments API to 130.

Furthermore, Business Solutions of WU has consolidated the SWIFT Global Payment Initiative. WU is pursuing its strategy of establishing a footprint globally and grew its payment capabilities. The sophisticated solutions of WU are providing the tools to gain access to the growing international marketplace.

Western Union Company is striving to achieve operational excellence for payments all around the globe. This can only be done by combining the SWIFT GPI. WU business solution has also expanded its high-class worldwide financial system for a rising portfolio of corporate clients. WU Business Solutions are more preferrable by clients after integrating the SWIFT GPI as it increased the transparency and assure the clients that their payment will reach the appropriate destination

WU Mass Payments API offered increased currency support which allows the financial institutions to increase their target market, enhance efficiency and carry out transactions in multiple currencies by incorporating a resilient cross-border payment system into their product or service.

Furthermore, WU Mass Pay offers a better experience for beneficiaries with built-in, real-time FX quotes. Partners will be able to send up to 10,000 payments in over 130 currencies in a single batch. Moreover, WU has disclosed that if corporations are searching for a partner to enhance international payments, the right option is WU Business Solutions. These Solutions will help organizations to send, receive and manage the payments globally.

The broad international network of WU, covering 200 states and territories along with its local market expertise, allows corporations to handle cross-border payments easily, efficiently, and competently.

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