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Boeing (NYSE: BA) Urges Airlines To Avoid Use Of 777s After Denver Incident

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) has advised airlines to ground 777s for the time being after concerns grew over the safety of aircraft models. Boeing’s suggestion is aimed at the 128 jets which are working on Pratt & Whitney 4000-series engines. As per the information disclosed by Boeing out of 128 aircraft, 69 jets with the same engine are working normally but 59 are not in use by airlines due to their decreased demands.

On Saturday, the UAL 777 has experienced an engine failure after taking off from Denver. The right engine of the jet got damaged and starting shedding debris in the area of Denver. The jet with 231 travelers and 10 crew members was forced to land on the Denver International Airport.

In the last three years, the same incident type of same engine failures was reported. The Federal Aviation authorities have commenced the investigations of Saturday’s incident and Japan has stopped airlines to use the jet with the 4000-series engines.

Boeing urged the airlines to stop the use of these jets until the US authority’s complete inspection. As per FAA, UAL is the only user of these jets in the US and the other planes are in use in Japan. Pratt & Whitney, possessed by the Raytheon Technologies Corp, announced that it is collaborating with carriers and regulatory authorities to assist an amended examination of the engines.

South Korea is also waiting for the official orders to provide directives to its airlines. 32 aircraft were grounded in Japan after the incident. United Airlines has also revealed that it is removing Boeing 777s from its schedule.

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