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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) WhatsApp Continue Privacy Updates Despite Fierce Backlash

Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ: FB) WhatsApp disclosed that it will proceed with the privacy update which has received huge criticism from all around the globe. WhatsApp stated that the user will be able to read the confidentiality updates at their convenience. The messaging app will also enable the feature of a banner that provides extra information.

Earlier, WhatsApp has warned the users that it will launch a new policy, under which the messaging app will share the limited information of the users with its Parent firm and other group firms.  After launching the new secrecy rule, WhatsApp has faced huge backlash and a huge number of users switched to its rival apps Signal and Telegram.

Some of the users asked WhatsApp to delay the rollout of the new policy and to clarify what’s new confidentiality is about and how it will handle the data of the users. In its latest blog, WhatsApp disclosed that it has experienced a huge backlash for secrecy and a lot of users’ complaints about the misrepresentation regarding the new rule.

WhatsApp revealed that it is creating a new method to chat or shop with businesses on its platform and it’s the users’ choice to get the benefit of this option. It has clarified that it will retain end-to-end encryption to protect the confidentiality of the users.

Messaging app further stated that it is now offering more information to the user under the banner it will display on its platform. It will also alert the user to assess and agree to the rule to continue the usage of WhatsApp. Facebook’s app WhatsApp said that it is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the users and it is offering its services to users free of costs. WhatsApp revealed that it will proceed with the launch of new features and informed customers to stay updated as it is preparing to launch in the coming month and week.

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